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New ideas

I have to make a decision ….

…do I just keep this section of my site or do I get a blog going?

Now, as I can understand it, and believe me this is a seriously difficult thing for me to get my head around. If I just use this platform to journal new ideas or threads, or I start a blog , what pray tell is the difference?
What I can see is that
to blog, is a discipline on its own , and there seems to be a difference to just …well...writing. Now is that because of the platform one operates from or is it a definite discipline, or is it a marketing tool; I haven’t decided yet all I know is that it is a heap of work to keep a blog active.
Oy… have just had another apifinwhatzit…so if to blog one is a blogger, and to write a novel one is a novelist, and to write a column one is known a columnist, what ever happened to the writer, the person who sat behind a mechanical device,, pounding away till the early hours of the morning…is one known as  a 'writerest'

…now I believe there are cell phone authors and they are making money doing it…this world is a new idea, there are something I can hook onto and others that just wont work for me. But hey I guess that’s the price one pays for ...well moving on in years


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Latest research projects

My latest research project was to get to know as much as possible about Whole Earth Blazar Telescope, gravitational microlensing equipment used to detect objects regardless of the light they emit. Moreover, the microlensing combined with the enhancement afforded by the WBET because it is wavelength-independent, allows for the study of source objects that emit any kind of electromagnetic radiation.

It sound awfully technical, but it isn’t really, it is extremely interesting. I have also spent a lot of time looking for Observatories around the world that might just be able to house this type of equipment as I needed an exotic location for one of my short stories but is also needed to sound credible otherwise I could just as well have made it up. But to make the connection between time zones as accurate as possible thus making the future as credible as possible, I wanted an Observatory that actually exists and can be found on Google Maps. The Wise Observatory in the Negev fits this bill almost perfectly. But we will see how it all pans out, see you inside the words


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Books I am currently reading

I am reading the latest offering by

Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear. After reading the fist of the series, The Name of the Wind, i was determined to see how it would all pan out. I was a little disappointed in the first ren chapters or so, as it seemed as if it was just more of the same, it also seemed as if he was not answering the questions he left with you from the first book. However the more I read the better it got. it is an awesome read and well worth the spend, check it out, site link below