Diggity Dawg Series

Diggidy dswg series
Diggidy dswg series

This book handles the difficult concept of tithing.

This Saturday afternoon started out just like every other Saturday afternoon. The warm sun streamed in through the study window. Diggity yawned, stretched, and rolled over onto his back. He loved the feeling of the warm rays of the sun on his tummy. He jumped to his feet as the clock in the hall struck three-o-clock. It was time for Miss Ellie to come and discuss the worship songs to for church on Sunday. The doorbell rang, “YIPPEEE, treat time!” thought Diggity. He raced for the front door. Dig

Diggity sat on the front porch. With slow deliberate bites, began to chew on his bone. He wanted the memory to last at least until next Wednesday. A little while later Miss Ellie came out the house and climbed into her little red car. She sped off down the road in a huge cloud of dust. Diggity’s bone was much too big so he could not finish it all at once. He grabbed it firmly in his mouth and set off to bury it in his secret hiding place. He looked forward to finishing it after church tomorrow.