book Illustrations

The instant a creator makes a mark on any blank white surface it becomes a record and exposes a tiny intimate part of the creator's soul. This is true of any creative process, I suppose, be it the click of a shutter or the scratch of a chisel on marble; right down to the rearranging of tiny black letter on a stark white sheet of paper. What ever scene or image the creator is faced with and has a deep desire to record, by what ever method, that scene or image has struck a chord that resonates deep within their soul. Which ever way the recorder wishes to represent and present that image, be it the composition in a view finder, the detail in a graphite drawing, the freedom of pastels, the complexities of the written word, it becomes a another open window to their soul. To the creator this recording process is generally given willingly and with great joy, but at the very same time comes at a very high price. The Result is; here exists one of life’s unanswered paradoxes.


The children's book illustrations featured in my gallery are for a series of books i wrote for children to explain difficult religious concepts. They are not mainline books, perhaps one day i will conciser publishing them.


The journey for me has been, on the whole an awesome and joyous one. I would like to share some of those moments with fellow creators and other people out there.